Thursday, May 17, 2012

SoFlaJo Buttercup

Meet SoFlaJo Buttercup from her limited edition Spring Flowers collection! She's a medium golden buttery yellow polish with yellow/silver shimmer.  
This is three coats. There is a little visible nail line, but it's harder to see than it looks in the pictures. I don't mine it. This is a really pretty polish that really does remind be of a buttercup!

Here is two coats so you can see the opacity.

She always sends her packages with cute things like confetti, a prize, and a ribbon on the bottle.

I love versatile polishes! This is one coat of Buttercup over black. It turns a dark yellow green shimmer and looks super interesting!

SoFlaJo has been making things like this since the 1980's and just started up again in the past year or so. You can get her polishes at her Etsy shop or her blog shop. They're $5 for a mini and $10 for a large bottle. Which are your favorite SoFlaJo polishes?

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