Friday, January 28, 2011

Zoya Astra

I bought Zoya Astra from another blog recently and boy is she gorgeous. I just can't hid my love for glitter polish. At first you might think with all that glitter she would be too blingy, but there is something about her. She is just the right amount of everything.

Zoya Astra is a jelly based metallic finish polish as packed with glitter as it gets. The glitter is light pink and dark pink. The light pink glitter looks like silver at many angles, and the dark pink also turns hot pink and nearly red at times. The polish was very easy to apply, smooth, and not chunky or funky like some giltter polishes can be. I didn't have to try to get the glitter in the right place or anything because there is just so much of it! The base is a pretty seriously pink jelly, so it technically is translucent, but I really think you can hardly see the base through all the glitter. This is a good thing! It's still translucent enough that you could use it for a really cool gradient or a buildable mani. I might try that with Nova, Astra's purple sister, that I also bought.

You might think that being a glitter polish it would have a rough surface to it. I'm here to tell you, even without a topcoat, Astra is very smooth! I mean it isn't the glass finish that you would get from a cream, but I was very surprised. Check out the vies from the side. No bumps or anything!

The most stunning thing about Zoya Astra for me was that she's even gorgeous in the dark! This glitter can pick up even the smallest pinpoint of light and use it to its best advantage. I was just amazed as I would walk into a dimly lit area of the house and my fingers would still be sparkling!


  1. Need, want, love. <3

  2. Yea I love this one! I wonder what Astra and Nova would look like together? Hmm :P. I also think these would be great for those under french tip lines.


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