Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Beginning

I have been following loads of nail polish and makeup blogs for probably two years now. After stalking the Zoya Facebook page lately watching everyone get their 3 free polishes from their latest promotion (and waiting for mine), it just hit me. Why don't I start my own blog? I LOVE painting my nails, doing nail art, buying polish, and looking at other polish blogs. I'm also getting more and more into other makeup like lipsticks and other lip items, and I have always been wearing eyeshadow and the like. Why not? Why the hell not?

The name? Well I posted a "should I" on Zoya's facebook age, and quickly made a friend who helped me come up with this. I swear we were at it for a good two hours throwing words back and forth, checking the online thesaurus, everything. I guess all the colors, melted into rainbows, melted into Painting Rainbows :D.


  1. Thank you so much! I'm still adjusting it, but I figure I better get it going to see if it will stick before I spend too much time playing with it.

  2. it looks awesome...too cute...its me neeka

  3. Thanks Neeka! You should follow my blog. I like seeing that little number go up. You can get in on those fun giveaways too.


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