Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's on my toes?

I always keep my toenails polished mostly because it stays on so well. So much better than on my fingers. Until more recently I never painted my fingers much because I could hardly keep it on for a day, or even two! I started using nicer brands like OPI and China Glaze, and am going to try Zoya and Essie soon. I noticed a huge difference!

 China Glaze - Mahoganie

Now don't laugh at me! I know the picture is awful, but toes are kind of rough for swatches anyway. Nontheless, the polish is amazing. It's a very glittery brown with a touch of red/purple. It's packed with micro glitter that flashes in green, blue, gold, red, and pink. It went on great with two coats and doesn't have a very rough surface. With a top coat it isn't as glossy as glass (because of all the glitter), but it's plenty smooth.


  1. That's really pretty!

  2. Thanks! I took it with my cellphone because I lost my camera at the time. It's so pretty in person. It's my latest fav.


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