Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comparison - Zoya Kate vs. Essie In Stitches

I ordered some spoons from Zoya when they did the free spoons promo code and one of the ones I got was Kate. It's a gorgeous pink rosey mauve...just like Essie In Stitches. I held the spoon up to my current mani and sure enough:

I would call this an exact match. I finally decided on the word match because I think "dupe" and "copy" are negative and accusatory. If I were a nail polish company I would be offended if people called my colors dupes lol. I haven't tried any Zoya polish yet, but have some on the way. From the fabulous things I hear about Zoya, I hope it will be better than my experience with Essie. It was good to start with, but hours later I noticed marks on all my nails like I got under the sheets too early or something...about 4 hours after painting my nails! So far Essie is good, but not great. Can't wait to see what Zoya has in store!

On another note, my boyfriend has been diligently working on the house since he's leaving on deployment soon and obviously won't get to. We noticed a while back that the part under the hearth of our fireplace was carpeted. The rest of our floor is marble...Why on earth did they carpet it? Even if the rest of the floor was carpet...eew? It's just weird!
The carpet from before
After and before the paint

Much nicer, eh?


  1. I looked but I still can't figure it out! There are some great giveaways there.


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