Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Ulta Haul

I went to Ulta today for the second time ever. The first time I just walked around in awe. I only just discovered it in the last couple of months as my addiction has been more obvious ;). Ah, the temptations, the beauties that lie there...And the clearance section! Oh what a fabulous thing! I had found where I wanted to be most in the world. There was Borghese, Piggy Polish, Ulta, China Glaze, OPI, Orly, so many I have never tried and so many I wanted. I ended up banking with four items from Ulta today.

The first is Essence Walk of Fame, a brand I haven't tried. It wasn't on clearance, just 99cents as apparently it always is. It's a pretty small bottle at 0.16 ounces, but I have decided that doesn't matter since I don't really have a polish I have worn 20 times or anything to actually use the whole bottle. I haven't used this brand before, but I assume it's always this size? It's a nice taupey grey/brown. The second is Ulta lip balm in the clearance section for 39cents! Not only was it cheap, it's cranberry scented and pretty nice! And the third, another brand I haven't tried, is Ulta In the Mood. I found this in the clearance section for 1.99, regularly 7.50. It's a bit more purple than in the pic, but still very grey. It's a very nice color and inspires me to finally go through with the newspaper mani I have been wanting to get to. Now for the fourth item I picked up.
The new OPI Katy Perry collection in the mini set :D. I love her music by the way...*feel like I'm livin' ah, teen-age dream*. Now of course the black shatter that came out with this was long gone. We all know it went like hot cakes. I might see about getting some of this online...
As I said before, I've decided I'm totally okay with minis. It isn't as much bang for the buck, but it's cheaper and I'll never use more than this. They do seem pretty seriously mini though. Check out the second pic. It's like...smaller than a battery. Either way, I'm excited to try them out.

Now...shall I swatch these for you? :D


  1. Yay! I just discovered Ulta recently as well. I just came home with C. Booth Green Apple facial scrub and the matte finish clear polish by Essie, I believe. Next time I go I'm going to have a bit more of a budget to work with!

  2. Oh and I definitely want to see how In the Mood turns out!

  3. Ooh they both sound nice! I have the China Glaze Matte Magic for a matte top coat and it's great fun.

    Isn't in the mood nice? I think I'm going to do that tonight with a newspaper mani and post it for you guys!


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