Saturday, January 29, 2011

OPI Katy Parry Collection

Welcome to the Katy Perry collection by OPI! From left to right it's: The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, and Not Like the Movies. You might notice the Black Shatter isn't in this. That's because it was, of course, sold out. And I bought the mini collection. I'm totally okay with minis. These are particularly mini though, as I said in my Ulta Haul post.

The One That Got Away is a dark pink shimmer that appears more purpley in dimmer lights. She really is pretty. It has a little bit of a hot pink to it, but it's darker than that. I've seen some swatches that make it look red, but I don't get any red from it. It has a gorgeous pink shimmer in it and I think it's very pretty. This is two coats and the application was great.

Teenage Dream is my favorite from this collection. It's a gorgeous pink glitter with so many elements. The base is a translucent baby pink, but it's really quite buildable. This is two coats and I think it looks pretty opaque. You'd probably still see a little nail line though. It has a ton of light pink shimmer that also flashes silver. There are both small and medium silver glitter specks in this polish that have the multicolored shine to them. The application was great. I just really like this polish! It's amazing layered over pretty much anything.

Last Friday Night is the blue cousin of Teenage Dream...but different. I use that phrase all the time. "The same...but different" lol. It has a light blue translucent base with blue and teal/green shimmer. This one has only the small round silver glitters instead of the medium like the pink. This polish is really quite intricate. The way the base interacts with the layers of glitter making them all flash differently...very cool. The overall effect makes me think of frost, plus a little more color. This is only two coats. It's pretty sheer, but more opaque that I thought it would be. The application was great. I think it's cool alone and definitely fun layered.

Not Like the Movies is a very interesting multichrome. It's gray, but flashes with green, purple, and has a good amount of silver shimmer. I think it's kind of unique including the shimmer. The application was great, but this is three coats. Interestingly enough this darker gray polish still has a hint of sheer to it. I don't think you'd really see a nail line, but you could see the light through your nail, you know? I will admit I liked the color better wet. It didn't have the green to it then. The green makes it interesting, but it's kind of weird for me.

Above are more pictures of the swatches. Now for some layering! I'm showing you the coolest experiments I played around with.
This is The One That Got Away Layered with Teenage Dream on the tip and Last Friday Night in the middle area. I couldn't capture how fab the pink one looked as a french tip, but it really is great. The blue glitter over the pink looks so awesome too. I really like that combo.

This is Not Like the Movies layered with the blue glitter on the left and the pink glitter on the right. The right one has the blue glitter at the tip too. I just love how it changes the hue of this. I really like both of these glitters on it.


  1. Nice swatches. LoL, I always say "same difference" or "it's the same thing, but..."

  2. Thank you! I didn't actually want to repaint my nails yet so I did it on some fake nails from Halloween haha. I hope it's not too weird.

  3. It's actually a great idea. I read somewhere about a girl who took popcicle sticks and glued fake nails to the ends to swatch her colors to basically serve the same purpose as Zoya spoons. I thought that was quite clever. ;)

  4. I totally saw that on a blog somewhere. It was a good idea! I'd like to do something like that but prettier. And how would you get all the same size nails since they come in packs? I'd want them all to be the same.

  5. I really, really want Teenage Dream! I'm going shopping this weekend and hoping to pick it up! :)

  6. My Ulta had a few still. It's so cute and I'd probably buy that one in full size. Good alone and for layering! That swatch is only 2 coats!!


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