Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Collection Swatches

Zoya Pixie Dust collection - definitely one of my favorites from them in a long time! It's so unique and fun! Yea I know, everyone is coming out with texture polishes now, but these are just done so well. They're super glittery mattes that kind of have a sandy finish, but softer than sandpaper. They really don't bug me at all like I thought they would!
They all have the same finish - a sandy super glittery matte with silver glitter and glitter in the color of the polish - so I won't bother to include that with each picture. They take about as long to dry as a regular polish; not quite as quick as your average matte. You can feel the weird little sandy particles when you put the polish on and it's kind of fun :P. The formulas were no issue, just some took more than two coats.

Vespa is a soft sage green. This was 3 coats.

Godiva is a subtle creamy nude - 3 coats

London is a medium charcoal gray. The name makes me want to call it smog :P. - 2 coats

Nyx is a soft periwinkle blue that leans a wee bit purple rather than a sky blue. - 3 coats

Chyna is a gorgeous ruby slipper red. China Glaze Ruby Slippers has nothing on this. The matte gritty finish makes it feel like you really dipped your finger in glitter just like the shoes! - 2 coats

Dahlia is jet black, but the glitter brings it up a shade. - 2 coats

I tried a little nail art with these and they're quite difficult actually! The gradient was kind of fun, but most of the colors don't show up well on top of each other. They'd be great for nail art if you mix them with cremes, like some people have been doing with a creme base and the art in the Pixies.

I tried a little galaxy nail on this one with some white, Godiva, and Nyx. They really didn't show up, so I added a bit of Skylar too. Not too bad!

You can get these polishes on Zoya's website - $54 for the collection of 6 or $9 for one.
If you sign up for an account with this link you'll receive a coupon for a free bottle of Zoya nail polish! If you add two more polishes to your order you even get free shipping. Awesome deal! So you could get this full collection for $45 and free shipping = $7.50 a polish.

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