Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

It's the first day of Spring! The Spring Equinox! Well yesterday was lol. 
The earth is awakening, buds sprouting, sun shining! I'm excited about the nicer days ahead.

I did my nails like little candy eggs - Cadbury mini eggs or Whopper Robin's Eggs
(Candy pics from

I used Zoya Neely, Zoya Jacqueline, China Glaze Sweet Hook, Zoya Blu, OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, and Sally Hansen White On. I tried using a toothbrush to splatter the nails, but I skittled them all first so it was getting all over my thumb nail and not so much on my other nails. So  I just dipped the toothbrush in the polish and dabbed it on here and there. Then I topped it with China Glaze Matte Magic.

I tried Barielle Matte-inee first since I just got it. It says "matte finish nail protection", "dries with a matte finish", and "dulls the high luster finish of color polish to provide a satin finish"...all in the same section lol. So is it supposed to be matte or satin? It's definitely more satin, as you can see. I realized after I put Matte Magic on top of this that the pics almost look like a wax finish. I'll have to try it again on a plain creme and see. It also says it has "strengtheners and conditioners" so I'm thinking you could wear this when you don't feel like having anything on your nails but want a little nail boost. This would be great for men who like to have nice nails but don't want shine or color.

Yay, Happy Spring/Spring Equinox/Ostara/weather getting warmer day!!

Some of these products were provided for my unbiased review


  1. how fun and totally looks like those candy eggs which I now want! haha

  2. Amazing manicure but now you just made me want to eat candy! :D


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