Thursday, March 7, 2013

No OPI...Just No

Seriously? Really? OPI, you make me sad.
So most of us know by now that the new OPI polish When Monkeys Fly has really bad curling taco glitter. There is an uproar in the polish community because OPI is such a well known, prestigious, dependable brand. What excuse is there to have taco glitter?
"OPI: The slight scallop in the large gold glitter grains in When Monkeys Fly is intentional, as it adds a bit more depth to the sparkle. You'll want to apply two generous coats of top coat to smooth everything out. Hope this helps! Let us know if you're still having difficulties. #nomoretacos."
OH! It was on purpose! I SEE. Curling glitter doesn't add depth to the sparkle, it makes the polish a pain in the ass. Maybe this would be alright if each bottle came with a free bottle of topcoat lol!

Does anyone have this polish and it doesn't curl, or they think it actually looks better curling? Post about your experience with this polish in the comments.
(And a link to OPI's actual comment on this if you didn't catch it before)

I'll like curling glitter when monkeys fly...


  1. Actually, I do have this polish, and I do LIKE the curling glitter. It really does add more depth to it... I catch myself glancing at my hands thinking that I have little gems on my nails. Guess I'm the only one. =/

    1. Yes, because OPI gives a crap about this teeny blog.

    2. Seriously, Rude much?

    3. No anonymous, I was talking about you. It's great that you like the glitter! I saw a post over at Wacky Lacki and she totally rocked it. But you can't knock on the blog saying that OPI wouldn't give a crap about it when you are upset at the readers' comments not the bloggers

  2. I think there might be bottles out there with"Slight" curling, but the majority of us experienced the more ridiculous level of tacoing that in no way, shape or form added any "depth" to the polish. It just made it unwearable.


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