Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taste the Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
When I asked a 5 year old girl at work how I should do my nails for St. Patty's Day it went something like this:
Her: Pink!
Me: Why pink? It's for St. Patrick's Day.
Her: Because it's Patrick day and he's pink!
*dies* LOL
So after she and the other kids understood the difference, they said rainbows and shamrocks. So here we have it!

I used a Nail Candy nail art pen for the shamrocks and all the colors of the rainbow.

I am trying to slowly get better at watermarbles. I have plenty of mess ups in this mani, but I have to say if I could only wear one mani for the rest of my life - this would be it.

Here is my right hand. I keep messing up though! I'll have a perfect nail, then when I'm doing my other hand or something I'll get a little tendril of sticky polish on my perfect nail. Or I'll bump it. With the ring finger, there was a bubble in the water or something so a third of my nail remained unmarbled. I did it again and it came out like that. It looks pretty awesome, just doesn't really go with the other nails.

My thumb turned out pretty pimpin' too. I chipped the end before I even got to take pics so I just dabbed on one of the polishes in the marble. So just imagine it without that bit :D.

You can buy Nail Candy nail art pens for $10/2 colors on their website. They have all kinds of colors! The one I used in this post was Pastel Green from the  Live Colorfully set. I will do a more in depth review on these later, but you'll see them in plenty of other posts!
Some of these products were sent for my unbiased review

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  1. The Nail Candy Team loves your festive shamrock manicure! Looking forward to seeing your full review.


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