Monday, February 4, 2013

Watch Over Me

I cried when I got this nail mail. That doesn't often happen. It was just this little green polish with the usual business card, but there was a note on the back:
"Sandy Hook donation polish. 100% of the profits from every purchase goes to the Newtown Animal Center in memory of Catherine Hubbard."
The bottle was even tied with a pawprint ribbon. I know Jody from SoFlaJo loves animals too, so I believe she chose this way to reach out and show her compassion for the people so drastically effected by this tragedy. I'm still getting waves of full body goose bumps even writing this. Interestingly enough the song that just came on my playlist is Coldplay - I'll See You Soon.
Kudos to you Jody. I really appreciate the value of this sentiment.

SoFlaJo Watch Over Me aptly named...We all need someone watching over us. And we can all be that someone for others.

Watch Over Me is a lovely earthy slightly olive green with gold and green shimmer and gold microflakies. Two coats was great coverage and no formula issues at all. This is a really flattering green that just makes me want to squish an avocado on my nails.

I love it in the different lights too. The shimmer definitely isn't hidden and didn't show up as much in the crappy Winter sunlight as it did in person. I can't get over the meaning behind this polish. SO beautiful.
SoFlaJo polishes are $10 for a regular size, and $5 for a mini. This polish is only sold in full size, as all the profits go to charity. 
Check her out on Facebook, oogle at the polishes in her store, and she also has an Etsy shop!

This was provided to me for my unbiased review.

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  1. Beautiful story and beautiful polish. Green is one of my favourites and just bought one from Koh that looks alot like this one. It's pretty!


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