Friday, February 8, 2013

Blooming in a Different Place

I've been working at an elementary school with a Parks and Recreation after school program for a few months now. In such a short time I've come to know and love the children, and obviously they feel the same way. I'm being transferred to a new site where my expertise with children with disabilities is needed more. I knew it was coming, but had been told it would be days or months - who knows. I found out an hour into the day at work that I'd be going to the new site the very next work day. We announced it to the kids and this is how they bade me their goodbyes.
I was overwhelmed with the love! This is the kind of stuff I hear others who work with children talk about and I get jealous - wishing I could be that important in even a single child's life. Well I was, and it felt great. Really really amazing. I don't know how I managed to get through the day without openly crying.
See all the rainbows? These kids know me :P. There are some pretty cute ones I'd point out though:
"Mrs. Megan has bloomed to a different place." How does a 10 year old write something like that!? Amazing!
"Tis a good woman" lol!
I love it when they draw me too. "You" and "me" always gets me.
"Mrs. Mean" - Freudian slip? :P

A little boy came up to me today very pensive. He placed his hand on my chest and said *lispy 7 year old voice* "you have a good heawt." What makes you say that Ryder? He thinks really hard....."You do good things."

This is a poem from a 5th grader:
Violets make me sigh.
It's hard to say goodbye.
If only I had one more day.
But there's no way.
Just missing you makes me drool.
Cause you're pretty cool.
All the stars high above
don't add up to all my love.
I just can't believe this is the end.
I'm really gonna miss you
Ms. Megan

How do such young children come up with this stuff? Girl's got talent. I love you too Courtney.

This is the grand finale. After we announced that this was my last day, one of the quietest girls said WHAT WHY?!? A few minutes later my co-worker Anica (you should follow her hot natural self) came up to me like "DON'T CRY...but Jasmine is crying." This tiny little child cried for a good hour about me leaving. I died! Then she wrote me a book inside the "sweeter than a princess" card.

Where she writes "song" she started singing this song for me. I later realized it was Rihanna Take a Bow, where it says "now it's time to go." How freaking cute that she thought of that.

Ugh I'm going to die! I know all the other kids will be just as sweet and we'll make fast friends and lasting memories. It's always hard to move on though.
I love my kids at work! Miss you all!!


  1. This is the sweetest thing ever! You are such a blessing to the lives of these children. Although it is hard to leave just when you start to feel comfortable and settled, you have been called to bigger and better things. It may be difficult, but you and your "good hawt" are needed to support and love others. Save these and whenever you feel sad/miss these kiddos take them out and read them again. You could even be penpals with them still if you'd like:) Thank you for sharing this Megan, it made me smile with tear-filled eyes!


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