Saturday, February 16, 2013

Element of Magic

Mmm a romantic manicure for this week :D.

This is two coats of Rainbow Honey the Element of Magic over Borghese Mezzanotte Blue. The accent nail is Orly Pixy Stix with Mezzanotte Blue stamped.

The Element of Magic is a freaky shimmery jelly base packed so full with blue, pink, and purple shimmers it makes it opaque. There are large hexes in pale pink/purple/blue violet, small hexes purple/blue violet/blue/silver holo.

In the shade especially, you can see the polish flash blue, purple, and pink. <3

I'm so glad I have this super cute RH polish I've been wanting now! I still want A Little Kindness from this collection though. And I'm trying to stamp more!

I got these from the Rainbow Honey sale on Fab. It was a great deal! It was a couple dollars off and included a cuticle stick! I like the cuticle stick a lot because it's handmade and very natural. It's the right consistency to spread evenly but not leave bunch of gunk on your nails. Definitely purse worthy!

Did you pick up anything from this sale?

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