Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection - Winter 2012

 This honestly may be my favorite complete Zoya collection ever. Aahh I love it when companies listen to the desires of "the people". So I bring you...the Zoya Ornate Collection of Winter 2012 :).

Aurora is a gorgeous purpley berry magenta jelly with scattered holo microflakies.

It shines so many different colors! Pairing a jelly with these holo flecks is brilliant, as it adds even more color and rainbows!


Here you can see the microflakies in the shade. This makes it so much more unique than just a regular scattered holo with round glitter particles. Brilliant!!

  Ziv is a super metallic microflakie bronzey gold. 

There are a couple different shades of bronze and gold mixed in, which makes it that much more interesting! Mmm like gingerbread!

 It's even super reflective in the shade. You can see my orange camera in it a little here :P.

Here's a close up of those microflakies.

 Logan is the perfect piney green with a metallic microflakie finish.

The green is tinted blue instead of yellow. It makes me think of a Spruce tree :). Definitely not regular green! Look how shiny this is!

Mmm and it's even better in the shade! You can even see the olivey green flakes in this on. So many shades of green all in one bottle! It's almost slightly duochrome.

This finish is just to die for. It's just like the finish on Ziv.

Blaze is a gorgeous berry red with scattered holo microflakies in a jelly base.

 I think I have found my new favorite red. A perfect shade that isn't true red, but darker and sexier...holo microflakies...jelly....Yea - Amazing!

It can look so bright, like a juicy apple...

 Or dark like a ripe raspberry...Yum! The finish on this is the same as Aurora.

Storm is a black polish with holo microflakies scattered throughout.

The finish on Storm is just like Aurora and Blaze.

 Ahh the rainbows :D

 In the shade it's still lovely but looks a little more like silver/gray microflakies.
Electra has loads of medium silver holo bar glitter in a clear base. 

It is SO rainbowy holo! Unusually awesomely holo, seriously!

Even in the shade the holo is definitely not hidden. This polish wasn't any harder to apply than any other bar glitter. It took only a little dabbing to get even placement. To keep them from poking over the edge I gently run the brush over the free edge last. You can grab the ones on the sides by sweeping the edges with a cuticle tool while the polish is still wet. I'm not a super fan of bar glitter, but this is pretty fun :).

It looks just like tinsel on the tree! This is one coat of Electra over Logan.

I had to stamp around with this collection (though I forgot to use Storm but I'm sure it would be just as good if not better than these). Of course I used Christmasy stamps!! They didn't show up perfectly like a black creme would on a white or anything, but I thought they were cute and fun. Because of the metallic finish you kind of have to angle them the right way to get the strongest visual effect. The red on gold was perfect though, so on less busy colors I think they'd be great for stamping.

Let me just say that every single one of these polishes had perfect two coat application with no issues (except the aforementioned Electra which was one coat and perfectly normal). 
You can get these polishes on Zoya's website - $48 for the collection of 6 or $8 for one.
If you sign up for an account with this link you'll receive a coupon for a free bottle of Zoya nail polish! If you add two more polishes to your order you even get free shipping. Awesome deal! So you could get this full collection for $40 and free shipping = $6.67 a polish.

Which ones do you like the most, and how do you think this compares to any other Winter polish collections (past/present/future)?

These products were sent to me for my unbiased review.


  1. Such a beautiful collection. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  2. Great swatches, Megan! Need Aurora for sure, probably Storm too...

  3. Thanks so much ladies! These finishes are just so pretty!


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