Friday, October 19, 2012

Plastic Marble Tutorial

We've seen saran wrap manis/plastic wrap manis all over the place lately. It's a fun technique that's similar to a dry marble (without water) and sponging. It is usually done by painting your base coat, letting it dry, painting on a different color, then removing some of that wet paint with balled up plastic wrap. It creates a fun marbled effect and is super easy. I like to do it a little differently though, in a way that uses less product and is more eco-friendly.
It looks a lot like both sponging and saran wrap manis. The great thing is you can make the marble a little more subtle like this, or really strong, with the same technique. I used Maybelline Firefly and Zoya Skylar in this one.

Here is the tutorial video if you'd like to see it in action :D.

I don't paint a whole coat of polish on, but rather do "splotchy dots" w the polish brush, then smoosh those out with a piece of plastic grocery bag. This way you waste less nail polish and recycle plastic by using it again rather than ripping off a new piece of plastic wrap to throw away. I also use the same piece of plastic for all 10 nails. 

 Basically my technique is:
1. Paint base color, let dry
2. Splotch on your second color randomly w the polish bottle brush
3. Dab wet polish with small piece of plastic bag until it looks right
4. Add more polish and do again if you want a bolder design or missed a spot
5. Let dry and top coat
I hope you enjoy my little take on this technique and my tutorial video! Let me know if you try it :).


  1. Thank you for uploading this! And I really like that you're thinking about the environment and using stuff again if you can :)

  2. Awesome! I was wondering if I could just use plastic grocery bags for this, and now I know I can. :D

  3. I like the subtle look. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I do too, thanks! It makes me think of crackle and how much of your base color it covers, which I don't like so much.


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