Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polish Jewelry: To Polish or Not

 I got some awesome polish jewelry recently from To Polish or Not! She made three custom pieces for me.
 How cute is her packaging!?

Here are my three pieces together.

The earrings are gorgeous glittery rainbows with some OPI Black spotted!

They make really cute chunky studs! They have a nice thick black coating on the back to seal the polish in and are comfortable to wear. She attached the earring stud higher up on the back of the heart instead of in the middle, so it a better fit on my ear.

I also got this fabulous galaxy ring! I asked her to make a galaxy ring for me that had lots of different colors in it so it would go with pretty much anything. She made more than 6 for me to choose from!

The polishes she used are multichromatic so they look different from every angle! She also added some fine holo glitter and hand painted stars. From this angle it looks mauve, teal, and blue...

Pink, teal, and purple...

Amber, pink, silver, light blue, and blue violet...

Black, red, orange, teal, dark blue...

Bright pink, blue, and purple...

There are so many colors in this! It looks really well made and I love it! The ring base is absolutely gorgeous with the scrolls and swirls, but it isn't the most comfortable. At the bottom where it adjusts it can sometimes pinch a little. It seems to be because the metal of the band is so thin. It's sterling silver plated, and despite the thin design, it's very sturdy. There was also a small bump on the side that looked perfectly fine but was a bit scratchy...just a minor flaw from the producer of the bands. I carefully filed it down and it feels much better minus the tiny patch or two where I missed and nicked through the silver. I've seen many other sellers use this exact band, so I don't blame To Polish or Not, but the producer of the bands. Honestly the issues are minor anyway! She has plenty of other band choices, and I chose this one.

She also made a necklace that would go with everything for me! I chose this pretty tear drop pendant. It is painted and set very nicely and looks great in all lights. Yea I know, those are my scars from my microdermal piercings. They used to look so cool :/.

It has so many colors and looks different from every angle! I love the swirly almost fiery pattern she made in this!

 Holo glitter, teal, dark blue, dark orange...

 Hot pink, light blue, orange...

 Orange, pink, purple, silver, green, blue...

 It looks completely different in the shade! Lavender, red orange, pink, dark blue, teal, silver...

Golden yellow, blue green, green, orange, light pink, hot pink, magenta...So many colors!! I love rainbowy stuff like this :).

I absolutely loved the polish jewelry pieces that To Polish or Not made for me! I was a very picky customer I have to say, but she dealt with my requests, tweaks, and ideas with grace and perfection. It was really important to her that I got a piece I liked and she made SO  many different ones for me to choose from, all based on my specifications. Her customer service was truly fabulous. She just really makes me feel like she takes care in her work and loves what she does. She even drew a butterfly on my package per my request :P!

Seriously, check out her Facebook page for pictures of some of the things she's made (including these)! She can make you anything you have in your mind! I have worn these pieces with so many things, for days and days in a row, and received loads of compliments.
These items were provided to me for my unbiased review.


  1. gorgeous, everything looks stunning, good choice x

  2. Wow, the last shot of the pendant is so fun!

  3. So beautiful design and colors especially necklace is fabulous. Keep sharing.

  4. These are definitely awesome! Even my friend's kid loved them. "Ooh pretty!!" :P


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