Friday, October 5, 2012

Rainbow Honey The Yokai Collection: Sneak Peak!

 Rainbow Honey has a new collection for us for Halloween 2012! It will be available for purchase October 13th, but it limited edition and while supplies last!
 This is the Yokai collection. We have Kawako, Kitsune, and Oni. They are all named after beings in Japanese folklore, which I will go into more in my swatch post.

 These are my first Rainbow Honeys ever and the packaging is so cute! I also really appreciate how they come a little more eco-friendly than other brands. The boxes offer a good bit of protection, so layers and layers of plastic bubble wrap aren't necessary - just a little bubble wrap pouch. Then she wrapped it with a good bit of tissue paper (and paper is a much more renewable and eco-friendly resource than plastic) and sealed it with silver heart stickers <3. Cute and hip ;).

Kawako is "the mischievous river child." This is a dark blue jelly with blue and silver microglitter. But look closer and you'll see some awesome blue and purple flakies floating in there! What a great surprise!

Kitsune is "the magical white fox." This is a gorgeous nude beige with red and holo gold glitter and packed with gold microflakies.

Oni is "the malevolent wild demon." This is a black polish filled to the brim with gold micro flakies and has another fun surprise of pink microglitter.

How awesomely cool are these polishes? I can't wait to swatch these puppies, so you'll see them very soon if not tomorrow! Rainbow Honey polishes are sold for $10 on her website, and this collection will be available for purchase October 13th.
Will you be getting some, all, which?!
These items were provided to me for my unbiased review.

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  1. I adore Rainbow Honey, can't wait to get these! I think Oni is my favorite but they are all amazing.


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