Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rainbow Honey The Yokai Collection Swatches

  Rainbow Honey has a new collection for us for Halloween 2012! It will be available for purchase October 13th, but it limited edition and while supplies last!
This is the Yokai collection. We have Kawako, Kitsune, and Oni. They are all named after beings in Japanese folklore, so I added a picture of each inspiration on the bottle. What a unique idea, I love it.

Kawako is "the mischievous river child"...a legendary water sprite found in Japanese folklore. Its story is used to scare children of dangers lurking in waters. This is a dark blue jelly with blue and silver microglitter and microflakies, and blue and purple iridescent flakies from tiny to large. This was a great formula and opaque in two coats.

 The flakies are gorgeous and once you know what to look for, you can see them all over the bottle. I didn't get many on the nail though, maybe two...and I can't see them in the pictures. I shook the bottle twice during application for good measure. They definitely aren't sinking in the bottle, so maybe I was just unlucky.

 Here's a great view of the microflakie goodness!

Oni is "the malevolent wild demon." Oni are very ugly ogre-like creatures with crazy hair, claws, and horns. These beings take on a variety of forms to trick or consume humans and bring disaster. It has a brownish charcoal jelly base filled to the brim with gold micro flakies and some pink and purple microglitter. This was a great formula and opaque in two coats.

 I was so surprised by the base not being a true black. It really adds a little flair to it and makes it extra unique.

 Closeup of Oni ;)

 Kitsune is "the magical white fox." They are intelligent magical beings that can assume human form. This is a gorgeous sandy nude beige with red and holo gold glitter and packed with gold microflakies and shimmer. The formula was a little thick and not self leveling, but top coat evened things out quite nicely.

 This is my favorite one in the collection, but I feel like it would look nicer on someone with a darker skin tone. Mine is already quite yellowy, but I still love it lol :P.

 Here is Kitsune in the shade, where you can see the microflakies even more!

  Rainbow Honey polishes are sold for $10 on her website, and this collection will be available for purchase October 13th.
Will you be getting some, all, which?! Which ones are your favorites?

These items were provided to me for my unbiased review. I got my folklore information and pictures from Wikipedia: Kawako, Oni, Kitsune

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