Sunday, February 12, 2012

SoFlaJo Pendragon

Jody at SoFlaJo has created her own line of nail polish! Her first collection Year of the Dragon includes 8 sparkling multichrome topcoats. I love her inspiration behind naming this collection after her totem animal and guardian, the dragon. Courtesy of Jody, I have swatches of one of those polishes for you today - Pendragon.
Pendragon is a multichrome glitter topcoat that flashes copper, rose, pewter, amber, autumn yellow, and green. The glitter is a fine holo glitter. Fine enough that you can easily skip a top coat, and it's also easy to remove. This is one coat of Pendragon over Joe Fresh Peacock, a metallic dark blue, and Funky Fingers black creme on the ring finger. 
Here you can see some green, yellow, and amber. 

Here is the pretty soft rosey pink, and the amber. 

The green really shows in the sunlight on the far left nail. The colors most often seen in any light are rose and amber.

When I got this polish in the mail, I was wearing Girly Bits Sailor's Delight, so I put it over that too. It really oranged up the red orange, added tons more glitter, and gave it the awesome amber/rose multichrome effect! These Year of the Dragon polishes are so dynamic!

Just for fun, I swatched Pendragon on paper over a bunch of different colors and posted the coolest ones.
Pendragon over Funky Fingers black creme
Pendragon over Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail
Pendragon over Joe Fresh Peacock
Pendragon over Zoya Gemma
Pendragon over OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
Pendragon over Zoya Cola
Pendragon over Zoya Valerie

Isn't this a cool polish? Jamie at Nails Adored swatched the entire collection and put it all in one pic so you can see the others too:
These are just topcoats over black, but they have so much power! I really like this collection. If you like what you see, you can purchase SoFlaJo's Year of the Dragon collection you can buy them in her blog shop for $5 each. Love?!

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  1. Wow wow wow!! Such awesome swatch photos! I really love it over Joe Fresh Peacock & Zoya Valerie, amazing!!


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