Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lucky with Electropop

I won the entire China Glaze Electropop collection on their Facebook page! Wahoo!!

Want me to swatch the whole collection? I'm dying just thinking about it lol....12 polishes.

Kinetic Candy, Aquadelic, Electric Beat

Gothic Lolita, Sweet Hook, Dance Baby

Make Some Noise, Fuchsia Fanatic, Wicked Style

Gaga for Green, Techno, Sunshine Pop

12 bright and creamy polishes from China Glaze's Spring 2012 collection. It looks to me that all of them are cremes except Sunshine Pop and Gothic Lolita have some shimmer..and of course Techno is a chunky holo glitter. I think my favorites will be Gaga for Green, Aquadelic, and Make Some Noise. The colors don't look super unique or different, but they're definitely bright happy spring colors. Which are your favorites?


  1. I love swatching collections now. It is a lot of work though I would love to see your swatches and I love these too!

  2. I love layering polishes so of course Techno and I have Electric beat and it's such a pretty soft blue :) Congrats!!!!!

  3. im so drooling right now!!!! your soooooooo lucky!

  4. Congrats! These colors are pretty!

  5. Such a great win, congrats! These colors are beautiful!

  6. Congratulations! This collection looks so pretty :)


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