Monday, February 6, 2012

Comparison: Zoya Cho vs Zoya Farah

Zoya Cho and Farah are both from the spring 2012 True Collection.

Farah is on my pointer and ring fingers and Cho is on my middle and pinky. They're both pale beige nudes, but the biggest difference is the detail of the color. Farah is more taupey with some grey, and Cho is a fleshy yellow.

Though hard to see on the nail, Cho has silver shimmer and Farah is a creme. Farah is the far left bottle, Cho in the middle, and the far right highlights Cho's shimmer.

Zoya Farah

Zoya Cho

Do you have both; want both? Which do you prefer? I do like how Cho makes me think of Harry Potter lol. 


  1. Ahahahah, I was just thinking the same, how Cho reminds me of Harry Potter (well, not the colour but the name, of course :P). But anyways Cho is my favourite. Although Farah would be a choice of mine too!

  2. I love both and still have a hard time deciding which I like more. Think I am going to get both :)


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