Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well Hey There Sailor

This is really a blast from the past. I'm away visiting family for Christmas, so I'm digging through my old picture stash. This is months and months ago lol. Apparently I thought taking 6 pics of a mani was good enough to get some awesome pics lol. She's pretty good for December though, right?
This is China Glaze Hey Sailor.

Hey Sailor is a very bright true red creme. I might call it candy apple red. Definitely pin-up worthy. She's from the Anchor's Away collection for Spring 2011. Did you know Anchor's Away is the Navy theme song? Since new recruits to the Navy are called Seamen, he always jokes with me about running around with "seamen" or getting in trouble with "seamen" lol.


  1. Gorgeous polish! I'm in a red polish phase lately, so I'm loving this one. I know what you mean about having to take a lot of pics . . . I snap shot after shot just to get 2-3 photos I'm semi-happy with. LOL

  2. I love this polish! The main reason I bought the anchors away collection was because my bros a sailor, and now it seems even more appropriate because I'm joining the navy myself! And those seamen jokes never get old! Lol


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