Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beauty Sub Boxes

So some people are becoming disenchanted with Birchbox. There has been lots of talk around the beauty blogging world that other sub boxes are coming out now (you pay a monthly fee and get a box of goodies each month). Here are some of the other possibilities:

  Price: $10 a month, sells out easily
  Previous items/brands included: 4-5 beauty samples, seems to be the
  same items for everyone, full size Urban Decay shadow, Urban Decay eye
  primer, full size NYX lippie, tarte mascara, oil blotting sheets, blush,
  cute zippy bag
  Reviews: here, here

  Price: $10 a month
  Previous items/brands included: 4-5 items, each person gets the same
  items, chocolate, truffles, pens, OPI Nic's Sticks, full size body balm
  Reviews: here, here

  Price: $10 a month, Canadian only, sells out easily
  Previous items/brands included: 4 samples, cake hand creme, full size
  Deborah Lippman polish, eye serum, full size Stila lip glaze, full size Cargo
  lip gloss, face primer, hydrating gel,
  Reviews: here, here

   Price: 10quid a month, England only
  Previous items/brands included: 5 items a month, products differ, shower
  gel, full size Deborah Lippman nail polish, DL nail polish stripping sheets,
  nail strips, lotion, Illamasqua perfume, bath salts, Blink mascara
  Reviews: here, here

New Beauty Test Tube
   Price: $29.95 per tube, 4 tubes a year
  Previous items/brands included: Beauty, seems to be the same items
  for everyone, eyelash conditioner, pore cleaner, anti-fatigue foundation,
  hair spray, macadamia oil
  Reviews: here, here

Eco Emi
  Price: $15 a month
  Previous items/brands included: 5-10 natural and organic products,
  beauty, makeup, household, lip shimmer, full size eye shadow, foot cream,
  face mask, chocolate, shampoo and conditioner, face wash, candle, face cream
  Reviews: here, here

Luxe Box 
  Price: $12 a month, Canadian only
  Previous items/brands included: Products differ, Prada body lotion,
  Prada perfume, hair styling cream, Benefit toning face lotion, Purminerals
  face primer, herbal tea, Olay wrinkle cream, lip plumper, China Glaze
  nail polish
  Reviews: here, here

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these sub boxes or other ones? Do you think you'll try one?

(Disclaimer: I put this information together myself. If you'd like to blog about it, please ask for permission first and then link this post. If you fail to do so, it's stealing.)

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