Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Had a Glass of Wine with Kennedy

Hehehe :D. Zoya Kennedy and I enjoyed the night quite a bit.
Zoya Kennedy is from the new Feel Collection. She is nude beige with dusty pink and lavender undertones. Sometimes she shows off the pink, sometimes the purple. She's a little more pale than I expected, but matches her color spoon perfectly (since I got that afterwards). 

 Perfect creamy two coater. If you notice any textural weirdness in my pics, it's because I put Seche Vite on too soon. I did one hand - other hand - back to first hand with SV. It wrinkled a bit and pulled away from the cuticles, so I tried to remedy it with another coat of Kennedy and a different topcoat to level it out. Totally not a Zoya issue.

Here is her darker side in a dim light. So nice!

Here is a comparison between Color Club Incognito and Zoya Kennedy. I noticed they were similar as I was rearranging my stash.

Kennedy is a bit pinkier and way thicker in a good way.

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