Saturday, December 17, 2011

Birchbox December 2011

The Birchbox for December was a bit more festive than usual.

It came in this cute snowflakey box, had white sparkly tissue paper instead of pink, silver ribbon instead of black, and the insert came in snowflake card form instead of more postcard-like.
Here is what I got this month.

Harvey Prince perfume sample in Yogini, Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink, L'oreal Professionel Mythic Oil, Befine Gentle Cleanser, Prep ShowStoppers outfit tape, and Recharge Eboost energy drink mix.

 As many other women are, I'm getting bored with Birchbox. They just keep putting in things that no one wants. This time it's an energy drink, outfit tape in black instead of nude (as if I'd really use it either way, but black makes it stand out instead of hide like it should), and MORE freaking hair oil. In times before people have received coasters, hair mist, hair oil, hair cream, hair shine spray, and toothpaste. I don't know...Birchbox is fine. It's just not great. Every time I get it I'm like..that's nice. 

What do you think about Birchbox? Are you keeping your subscription?


  1. Your box was better than mine! I got the lipgloss which is a ridiculous shade of pink (in my opinion), the energy drink, the tape (which as you said I'll NEVER use), a spray facial oil which was OK, and Benefit's Porefessional which I already have and don't like. I thought they'd ramp it up for December and make a really awesome Christmas box but it was super lame. I think I'll give it another month or so and see if I still like it. My first few boxes were AWESOME. Full sized Stila lip gloss and eyeshadow, a full sized LORAC bronzer. Now I'm just getting junk like a teabag and a face wipe. It's silly.

  2. Lol you said it perfectly. I don't think I have ever received a full size anything. And that shade of pink is over the top, not to mention I already have 10 pink lippies. Why not a more original color? The popular coral would have been nice. I wouldn't mind swapping you for though! :D

  3. What IS Birchbox? I've heard very little of t-does it cost much?

  4. Here is my post about Birchbox:

  5. This is my fourth birchbox and I am NOT impressed with any of them. The only thing out of what I have gotten that I will use/like was the Zoya I got last month. I think I might give them one more month before I cancel my subscription.


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