Friday, December 9, 2011

My first Lynderella!

Got in on a group order from Lynderella the other day.
Ignore that I forgot to put a second coat on my middle finger lol!!

Very Prety Vampire has a dark burgundy purple jelly base with small red, black, and fuchsia hex glitter; large red square and hex glitter; and small fuchsia square glitter. She is pretty dark, but the metallic glitter catches the light and makes it pretty much never look black. The formula was pretty great, just gotta be careful with glitter hanging off the tips of your nails. This is with one coat of SV, and that tamed the glitter just fine. 

I'm really loving this polish! It's my first Lynderella and I super <3 them. I'd have more, but they're pretty darn expensive at $12 plus shipping. You can order them whenever she has her shop open (she'll post about it) on her blog. I think will also be carrying them soon. 

Since it was a group order, my friend Angela actually shipped them out to each girl. She included a sweet little "happy engagement" gift of pink holo earrings :D. They're made with Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond!


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