Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Polish on the Go

So I'm visiting family this week for Thanksgiving. Is your stash so big that you can't possibly port it around to family? Do you have a smaller container that you take with you? My family loves it when I do their nails so I use this cute zippy pouch my mum gave me and bring what I think they'd like best.

Here are the polishes I chose this time: Orly Fowl Play, Essie In Stitches, Unnamed shimmery brown, Catrice Sold Out Forever, Zoya Tiffany, Zoya Cassi, Color Club Vitabase, OPI Nail Envy, Orly SecNDry, OPI topcoat, Zoya Reva, Nubar 2010

And on either side are my tools, files, brushes, cotton pads, etc. Don't peek at my nails that's for later lol. Feel free to admire the ring. 

This is what it looks like on the outside, the front and the back. So cute!

Does your family like it when you do their nails? Do you have a polish to-go kit?


  1. That is a great kit!

    I have only done one of my cousins nails, and now she is learning to do her own since she is away at college.

    I wish I had a polish to go kit. I don't think I have anything that would work as well as yours does.

  2. That's a cute pack! :) I also always bring a "polish to go" kit when I travel to NY to visit my fam. I usually wind up doing at least my mom's nails, sometimes my niece and sister too.

    It's a Kaboodles tote which I will have to post pics of sometime on my blog too! :)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Yes Kaboodles work well! That's what I used to have if you look in my stash tab. I wish I could tell you the brand of this. All it says is "contents." on the zipper rings. I'll ask my mum. :)

    I just did my future MILs lol, and will surely do my sister's and mother's once we get over that way.

  4. hahahha Erika did you take up my idea of the little softsided caboodle tote I mentioned months ago? that is what I use! that and then a little zip bag from ulta for all the tools.

  5. What a useful bag! I don't travel much but we're visiting family for Christmas and I'm in a quandry for what to take and what to take it in!

  6. By the way I asked my mother where she got it and she said she thinks Target!


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