Sunday, November 6, 2011

Color Club Foiled Collection Swatches

I picked up the Color Club Foiled collection from Ross the other day. I never thought I liked foils until now! All the colors in this collection have a glitter/foil sort of finish. They're very metallic, which is part of being a foil, but if you look up close there is tiny metallic microglitter. Each color has particles of silver and particles of the base color. All swatches are two coats

Cold Metal - Rich royal blue foil. I actually like this and I'm so not a blue person.

Lumin-iceient - Light cloudy blue foil.

Antiquated - Champagne gold foil

Hot Like Lava - Hot pink foil

Foil Me Once - Light dusty pink with a touch of lavender foil

Perfect Mol-ten - Bright light green foil, really pigmented but a little more silver at the same time.

I really never thought I liked foils until now...honest lol. The wear seems to be average (a couple days), and the application was great. I thought it would be streaky when I was applying it, but looking at my nails now you can't see a single imperfection.
And by the way this was my first collection swatch. I have never before put polish on JUST to photograph it. What an interesting feeling lol...

Have these? Love them? Want them?


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