Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haul: Holiday Color Clubs

I went to my Ross to look for Color Club sets, originally for friends because I was undecided. I saw them in person and had to have them.

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Collection

LtoR: Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor, Sugarplum Fairy, Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Jingle Jangle

Color Club Foiled Collection

LtoR: Perfect Mol-ten, Antiquated, Cold Metal, Hot Like Lava, Foil Me Once, Lumin-iceient

And then a friend mentioned to me that the colors in both collections match up quite well...

Interesting huh? Ooh I wonder what one Foiled would look like with a light coat of a different Mistletoe? Or of course I could layer them for a little more pow.

Thoughts? Have them? Want them? If you are nice to me I'll pick some up for you :). 


  1. A lot of bloggers have swatched mistletoe over foiled :)

  2. Had no idea some Ross stores had any polish! Wonder if ours does? It's a place I never go in...kind of a mess always and you have to go in all the time so you know what is old mess and be able to spot the new mess!

  3. You got lucky ... I hv been checking my ross for the glitter ones ... :) need to go back

  4. omggg I'd sooo love to have them both! It sucks not being able to get Color Club in Singapore): Can't wait for you to swatch them!!

  5. I just picked up the Mistletoe collection last night. I'm hoping Backstage Pass & Pride come to Ross!

  6. Why did you have to show me this... now I'm off to Ross to see if they have the Mistletoe set... and I was doing so well on my "no buy" for a whole day now ;)

  7. awesome! i didnt realise both sets could match up together like that :) xxx


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