Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nail Envy - Progress and Review

A couple months ago I was trying to keep nice nails and they just kept breaking and peeling. They were really short too! I swear I'd have three breaks a week. They couldn't take any pressure at all. I really wanted nice thick nails so they would all be even and I wouldn't have to worry about breaking them so much. All my friends suggested OPI Nail Envy Original.
This is on the insert, about Nail Envy. 
Here are the ingredients. Yes is has formaldehyde resin, but that may or may not be bad. I have read that the resin doesn't have any formaldehyde in it anymore, or that it's only bad if you inhale it (and it doesn't smell when I put it on), and that if it's allowed to be used in the health regulated beauty industry it must not be too bad. I decided if it worked I didn't care lol. 

Here are pictures of my nails while using Nail Envy. Keep in mind this isn't all about length, because I filed them plenty. It's more about getting them to a nice length, preventing breaks, being able to shape them all the same, being strong and healthy, etc.

Day 1, they don't look awful but they broke constantly:
Day 16, already thicker:
Day 25, oops naked lol:
Day 38:
Day 58:
The pictures aren't the most spectacular part. You can see in the pics though, they got longer, thicker, and I was able to shape them all better. The best part was that in these two months I've only had two or three breaks vs. three breaks a week. Only one of those breaks was serious, but that was a thumb nail and I have never been able to grow them ever. At least I had nice thumb nails for two months lol. 
  • Pros: 
    • Strengthens
    • Dries quickly
    • Prevents breaking
    • Looks nice alone
    • Can put over polish and it still works
    • Can use as base coat
    • Makes my nails feel almost as hard as acrylics
  • Cons: 
    • Expensive (I think $8 at CosmoProf, $11 at NEX, and $16 at Ulta)
    • Formaldehyde might be bad
    • If you keep manis on for more than a couple days like I do, and forget to top with NE, your nails will weaken a little but still not even close to where they were. 
Used it? Liked it? What's your favorite nail strengthener?


  1. ahhh. i have this. i love it. but always forgetting to use it after i do a mani! maybe i should put it in the bathroom as a reminder lol. but imma def get another bottle since mines is running low and really try and stick with it. love how it worked on your nails! nice shape and everything =]

  2. I need to try this. My nails have been breaking and peeling constantly for a month now. Thanks for the review.

  3. I used to have this but I often forgot to layer it over my manicures when I didn't change them for a while. I found it worked well though and once it ran out I soon noticed a decline in the quality of my nails. Now I'm trying Nail Tek Foundation.

  4. Thanks Naudi! I'm definitely not great at shaping my nails anyway, and I think my index fingernail curls in a little, but you know. This product definitely does help them grow and prevent breaking, so it allows you to have that length to play with for shaping.

    Nicole get a friend to pick some up for you from a CosmoProf or a beauty supply store (not Sally's). It's cheapest there.

  5. Super cool isn't Laura? I really do notice a difference when I use it more or less often. Sometimes I even have a faint line almost like after acrylics because you can actually see that where you put the NE your nails are thicker now.

  6. My bottle is almost empty! (tears) I am trying a new base coat at the moment, but if it doesn't work, back to Nail Envy! Your nails look good!

  7. nice post!! m definitely recommending a this to a friend who's nails break all the time!!

  8. I have Nail Envy and I love it, too! I got it for much cheaper on Amazon & also picked up a bottle of the Maintenance to switch it up every now and then but I haven't gotten to using that yet. Your nails look great! Nice review post =)

  9. I may have to try this - I've been using Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator EVERY time I do my nails, sometimes with 2 coats and it hasn't helped at all. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Just got a second bottle, and got all the nail ladies in my family a bottle for Christmas.

    BMW I heard good things from people who used the Qtica one as well, but even better things when they switched to NE!

  11. Nice review! I'm trying now the Essie rock solid (and I'm going to do the same process you recommended for OPI), because I still couldn't find OPI here in Amsterdam (I'm new in the city...). This Essie was pretty expensive for my taste (13 EUR) but my nails are really annoying me in the last months, always peeling and breaking, so... I hope it helps.

  12. I used Herome extra strong (red) and 2 weeks after, Malvala scientifique. It's the same result :)
    Thank you for your review.

  13. My nails won't Grow! I'VE TRIED to keep them long everytime I get them done with acrylics but their just so weak n thin, brittle.... How do I get them to grow fast and stronger? My nails are very short and I hate it! Just want long BEAUTIFUL stronger nails ASAP! Can you help me please!??; /

    1. Definitely try a nail treatment with great reviews like OPI Nail Envy!!

    2. You might even want to try something like vitamins. You can get Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins almost anywhere. The cheapest I've found was at Dollar General, but the ones I like were at Walgreens (there was a $10 difference, though)

  14. Where can you buy this product

    1. Beauty supply stores like Cosmoprof, Ulta, or I buy mine at the Navy Exchange.

  15. Where do I buy this?


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