Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beyond the Mistletoe Layering

Layering these Color Club collections is fun! This post will show you how some of the Beyond the Mistletoe glitters look layered. I already used Holiday Splendor on my toes. A lot of people layer them on top of the corresponding color, but I like to spice it up a bit.

Layered over Color Club Perfect Mol-ten from the Foiled collection LtoR:
Beyond the Mistletoe - Light blue and silver holo glitter that flashes green, gold, teal, silver, and blue, in a clear base
Holiday Splendor - silver holo glitter in a bright tealy green jelly base, which makes the glitter flash a lot of green
Candy Cane - Hot pink and light pink holo glitter that flashes pink, silver, and red, in a slightly pink jelly base
Gingerbread - Gold holo glitter that flashes blue, green, red, purple, orange, and gold, in a clear base

This is Color Club Cold Metal with a coat of Jingle Jangle on the ring finger.

Jingle Jangle - light teal and silver glitter in a slightly purple jelly base, which makes the silver look purple sometimes

These glitters are pretty awesome, but some could be more exciting. I thought Gingerbread had red glitter in it, which would have been awesome. I think I'll do a mani with it and throw in red glitter :D. You like them?


  1. This is a silly statement, but when I saw the picture of Cold Metal my first thought was "wow, that blue is so BLUE!" haha

  2. so pretty! your nails are gorgeous!

  3. Anna - Lol it really is! I don't even like blues normally, but this one is so rich and deep I like it! I'm wearing it right now.

    Sara - You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that lol. Thank you! I'd like to thank OPI Nail Envy.

  4. I think Candy Cane is my favorite glitter!!


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