Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yule Tidings!

 Aahhh the Christmas season! There are so many holiday collections coming out. It's nice to see some that branch out a bit, like this Yule polish! Yule is the Pagan version of Christmas (from what I know). It's on Winter Solstice (December 21st) and celebrates the sun coming back after the longest night of the year. Lots of things that are symbols in Christmas (holly, mistletoe, ivy, pine boughs, Wassail, egg nog, etc) are common to Yule. So here is SoFlaJo Yule Tidings from her Party Time collection!

 This is a lovely olive green polish with shimmer, small red and green glitters, and large silver holo hexes. It went on great with two coats! I love the olive green color and the base filled with shimmer. That's what makes it unique for me.

Mmm look at all that gold shimmer! This is a really pretty polish!! I love how the base is just sheer enough to add depth when you do more than one coat. I'm sure you'd get even more depth with three coats, but two was enough for opacity.
Her polishes are $10 for a regular size, and $5 for a mini. 
Check her out on Facebook, oogle at the polishes in her store, and she also has an Etsy shop!

Like her polishes? She's having a Cyber Monday sale on her website (Etsy not included)! You'll get free shipping with ant order that's $20 or over, both US and international!!

This was provided to me for my unbiased review.

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