Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted!

 Today is Election Day in the USA! Did you vote? I did! I have never gotten a chance to do an Election Day mani.
 I love my sticker :P!

Figured it would be a great time to use my Lynderella Remember for the first time. I've been saving it for a special occasion. This is two coats of Remember over Zoya Dove.

I am SO excited and overjoyed to own this polish. It is one of 9 bottles that are out right now, so it's about as limited edition as it gets. It was made for Memorial Day, so it's very close to my heart because my husband is in the military.

Lynderella Remember is a light gray jelly polish packed with patriotic glitter! It has large squares in red/blue, large white hexes, large whiteish silver holo stars, white bar glitter, light pink bar glitter, medium squares in red/blue/white/teal/light pink/dark pink, medium hexes in teal/blue/white, small hexes in red/dark pink/white, microglitter in white/red/blue/dark pink, and pearly white and multi-colored shimmer.
The white glitters are an almost iridescent matte finish. This is SO much more than a red, white, and blue polish!

 And a closeup! I couldn't take pictures in the sunlight so you can't really see all the shimmer here, but it's there!

 Did you vote!? Let your voice be heard!
Thank you again for this gorgeous polish Lynn <3


  1. This is a gorgeous polish! A bit too bumpy for my liking, but I'm sure you could smooth it out with some top coat/Gelous. I voted too, however we didn't have stickers at my voting location!

    1. I put Barielle quick dry over this, but it isn't a very thick one. Even with just that though, it's quite smooth. The stars are the only major bump factor.


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