Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Chop!

So I've had super long hair for a good while now. I told my husband I was going to cut it off while he was on deployment so it would be like a big makeover! He said "NNnooo!!" Lol! So I kept it for ages...Each time I felt like cutting it I'd ask him "is it time yet?" He always said no. Finally I decided it was time anyway. I kept it for Halloween, then just got it cut yesterday!

SO I wanted to see how much my hair grew in all this time, and compare some pics. I made a fun collage of the last 2+ years.
And just for fun, a little breakdown of the pictures:
May 2010 - This was maybe a month after we started dating
November 2010 - We were madly in love, AND it was my first super red lipstick ever.
April 2011 - Jeremy missed my birthday (actually May 4th) while he was on deployment, so my friends threw a party for me and got me a cake!
June 2011 - I got a trim and bangs for the first time since I was 11. They looked great if only my hair stayed straight.
November 2011 - Our engagement pictures :D
May 2012 - My graduation!
October 2012 - A length picture to see how long it was before I cut it
November 2012 - Right after I got it cut!

It got pretty freaking long! We measured it when I got my hair cut and I want to say 32 inches. I could never waste all that hair, so I donated it. 
This looks so weird, like a tiny horse tail lol!

It was so interesting to see how my hair went from mostly straight to pretty seriously wavy. I almost never style it, so that's all natural and I have no idea how it happened! I can't wait to wash it again and see if it gets wavy. I also lost 20 pounds since that first picture. I don't think it shows yet, but it still feels good!

What's your hair journey been like lately? :)


  1. Isn't it refreshing to cut so much off?

    In high school, I had hair past my waist. The day for graduation, I chopped it off at the shoulders, and donated it. It's a great feeling to know it'll make a child very happy.

    Right now I'm debating between another inverted bob or going asymmetrical this time. At least it'll grow back. :)

    1. I can never make myself cut it too short! I already feel like it's short lol.

  2. Long hair creates weight on textured hair. So since you got 32 inches cut off, lol, your hair should do some serious waving.

    1. I seem to be getting my waves back now that I washed it!

  3. Wow! You look gorgeous and you can definitely see the weight loss :)

  4. Wow! I am doing the contrary! I am letting mine grow! But you look very good and fresh with your new hair cut :) And I was looking at the pictures and I was noticing that you lost a large amount of hair but also a few pounds, no? 'Cause your face looks thinner ;) Keep up if you are feeling good, but don't let anorexia get you! :)

    1. I let mine grow for so long! Thank you so much for noticing, I lost 20 pounds!!


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