Monday, August 6, 2012

Sea Lore Aquata

There is an awesome new indie brand out called Sea Lore Polish! Her new and first collection is called Triton's Daughters. They are all named after and inspired by The Little Mermaid and her sisters. Here is a little collage of all the polishes in her collection.
 How cute right? I kind of need them all.

Cute packaging definitely matters! This is how I received my package - cute sparkly tissue paper, a Little Mermaid sticker, a perfectly designed business card, and even candy! Thank you so much for providing these to me for review Jamie :D. I know you see that ring, right? Don't worry, you'll see more of it soon :).

The first one I have for you - Sea Lore Aquata

This is two coats over China Glaze Electric Beat. Aquata is a gorgeous and unique polish with a greyed blue jelly base. It is packed with blue and silver shimmer and irregular iridescent flakes in different shades of purples an blues. I love the the flakes are different sizes, from micro to quite large.

Here she is in the shade where the flakes really show up more.

And here is a gorgeous close up of this combo so you can really see the different flakes and shimmer.

This is two coats of Aquata on her own. If you don't mind a little visible nail line, it looks great even on it's own. It is certainly buildable if you did a few more coats.

This is two coats of Aquata over black so you can see a different side of her. It is a really versatile polish with whatever you layer it over!

I am loving Sea Lore's new polishes! Her polishes are big three free and hand mixed. She has great customer service! You can buy her full size polishes (15ml) for $10 and her minis (7.5ml and larger than a usual mini) for $5.50 on her website. If you want one of her polish rings, she's doing a deal right now where if you spend more than $20 you get a free ring of your choice (details here). She'll be selling them on her website in the future. Don't forget to follow her on Facebook!

Which are your favs? Do you super love Aquata? Do you have any Sea Lore yet or plan on getting any? How did you hear about this company?

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  1. This is really pretty!! I love the packaging! I'll have to try some :)


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