Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shimmer Polish Trisha

Omg I'm in love with a new indie brand! Have you heard of Shimmer Polish? I stumbled upon her brand one day and had to have some! I love how she puts little hearts on the label that  match the polish color. She even makes custom polishes! This is Shimmer Trisha!

 This is 3 coats of Trisha on her own and it's fully opaque. Super glitter bomb!

Trisha has a clear base packed with bright rusty orange micro glitter. There are large hexes in bronze, gold, and blue; small hexes in mageneta, and blue; small bright rusty orange square glitter; and micro glitter in blue, holographic gold, magenta, and light blue. Wow, SO much glitter in this polish!

She even glitters like mad in the shade! 

Here is a close up of Trisha. I love the different sizes, shapes, and colors!

And for versatility, you can even layer one coat over another color to make some awesome combos! This is one coat of Shimmer Trisha over an unnamed mini red shimmery Funky Fingers and China Glaze Call of the Wild.

The formula was a great consistency and there was no glitter dobbing needed to get it right. This polish is unique and that's always important to those of us with huge stashes. It wasn't perfectly self-leveling, but I just added another drop in that one spot, quick dry top coat, and it was perfect. I would definitely purchase from her. I might even get a custom one!
You can buy Shimmer Polish in her lovely Etsy store for $12 each and see more info on her blog. She even makes custom polishes! How do you like them? Do you have any?

This item was provided to me for my unbiased review.


  1. Yes, I love her polishes. I have three and THEN today my gorgeous custom order arrived. It's name is "Patricia" and it's a lovely combination of pink and gray. I will be posting it on FB and my blog on Saturday. I would do it sooner, but you know how life gets in our way at times!!
    I know everyone will love Patricia!!

  2. This is so gorgeous! I'll have to look into buying some because I loooove glitter!


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