Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Megan Miller Coral Bliss

 Mmmm I am so in love with corals lately! It was even one of my wedding colors and I wore it on my nails! This is Megan Miller Coral Bliss!
 Coral Bliss is a gorgeous, very bright, Summer perfect, coral that leans more toward red than orange. It is definitely still overall pink though.

This is two coats and just like Roja, has about 98% opacity with two coats.  The formula was great and there wasn't any balding or difficulty in application like jellies sometimes have.

 Because I think it's really unique and important, I'll just quote what I said in my last post about the company in case you didn't read it: "OMG the bottles! I love how much effort they put into the design of their product. The bottles are custom and one of a kind, 3-free, I have personally never seen another company use cork for their bottle tops (which is not only more eco-friendly than plastic but easier to grip and so refined), and each bottle is hand tied with the raffia, making them truly one of a kind. The cork is not only more eco-friendly because it uses a renewable resource (as when you look inside that is much less plastic used than the usual bottle top), it's easier to grip and gives it such a unique look. 
 And what a gorgeous logo. It isn't just for looks ladies. "Inspired by the display the peacock portrays when its feathers are in full bloom, the Megan Miller collection aims to inspire you to show your grandest side with confidence and ease. Like the peacock, we look to blend a natural elegance in order to make you look good, feel complete and Be Colorful." I am so inspired by this!"

And another beautiful surprise...
Coral Bliss is a jelly so you can wear it alone with 2-3 coats, add a coat on top of another color to make it more coral, or make a jelly sani like this! This is two coats of Coral Bliss, one coat of China Glaze Techno, and one more coat of Coral Bliss. Yum!!


You can buy Megan Miller polish on their website $12 for a regular .5oz bottle. I've also seen deals on duos where you can get them a little cheaper! During the month of August they even have a promotion going on - like them on Facebook to get 25% off orders of $20 or more. And don't forget to follow their Twitter!

If you love buildable jellies and coral, you need Megan Miller Coral Bliss! Have you tried her polishes? I still can't get over the bottle and all the details!

This item was provided to me for my unbiased review.


  1. Gorgeous! I was a little obsessed with coral this summer. So stinking pretty! And a jelly?!?! Holllaaa!

  2. I love the bottles! I have 2 Megan Miller polishes but not this one...yet! haha It is such a pretty color!


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