Sunday, July 22, 2012

Liquif Eye Eyeshadow Transformer

 Too Faced Liquif Eye is a really cool product I ordered from It's a solution with a nice foamy brush that you can wipe into any eyeshadow to make a smudge-proof, water resistant, liquid liner in that color. I love wearing different colors of liners so this is just awesome!

This is how I use the product: When I remove the brush I wipe the excess liquid off on the inside rim. I then wipe/twirl the brush into the eyeshadow color till the tip is covered on all sides. Then apply like normal liquid liner. You can see the flexibility and a close up of the foamy tipped brush in the little left picture.
 Liquif Eye using Urban Decay Oil Slick. You can see the glitter in it. I also lined the corner of my waterline, but that bit didn't stay as well because it's only water resistant.

Liquif Eye using MAC Swiss Chocolate. This is a matte shadow and it keeps its matte finish once it dries.

Liquif Eye using Tarte V. This one is very shimmery and it keeps its shimmery finish. I did this one over a shadow do you can see it works just as well. I also did a little flick at the corner so you can see that you can use it to make precise designs.

This product works best with very pigmented eyeshadows. I tried using a Maybelline and Ulta and they didn't show up as well. It really just depends on the shadow you use. It lasts just as well as any liquid eyeliner except on the waterline. It's just so fun to make any eyeshadow I want into a nice precise liquid liner!

You can buy Too Faced Liquif Eye Eyeshadow Transformer at Apothica for $17.80. It's a great site because you can find loads of different popular brands there and save on shipping, getting them all in the same place.
Let me know if you have tried anything like this and like it!

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  1. Wow these colours are lovely!
    I really like the shimmery finish..

    Claudia X


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