Saturday, July 28, 2012

Barielle Some Like it Hot Swatches

Barielle's Some Like it Hot is a fun collection of some of their brightest colors for Summer. As far as These are all available separately, but getting them together in the set makes them just $5 a piece!
 We have Gotta Have Fate, Life of the Party, Lily of the Valley, Sunshine, and Surf's Up. All very bright "fashionably fabulous" hues, especially since brights are really in this Summer.

Let's start with my favorite of the bunch, Lily of the Valley. It's definitely bright like the other, but in a different way. Instead of being brilliant and almost neon, the extreme shimmer is what really makes it glow. It's a medium grassy green with amazingly deep glowy shimmer. This is not with flash or anything. This is really how it looks on the nail. Click the pic to enlarge it, I dare you. WOAH!

Lily of the Valley

Sunshine is a super bright creamy sunflower yellow with a hint of silvery yellow shimmer.

Sunshine - You can really see the shimmer if you enlarge the picture.

Life of the Party is a berry hot pink creme that really nice and bright. 

Life of the Party

Surf's Up is a really bright sky blue creme that is versatile in different lights. 

Surf's Up

Gotta Have Fate is definitely another favorite. It is a lovely freaky bright (how do you even tell if a color is neon lol?) pinky red orange coral. Yes, I really feel like it is all three colors at the same time lol. In dimmer lights it's more of a red color like below, but in brighter light it has that wow coral pop. LOVE corals lately, and this one is definitely on my love list. I have actually had this one for ages now and never wore it, so I might need to find some generous way to get rid of my other bottle *cough comment on this post for an extra entry in....something :D*. 

Gotta Have Fate
You can buy Barielle polishes for $8 on their site. You get %15 off for registering with your email, and they're pretty much always buy one get one 50% off! Ulta also sells them and you can use their coupons if you'd prefer to buy them in person. Don't forget to check out Barielle's Facebook page too!

This set is really cute and in right now, and for $5 a bottle I'd go for it. There isn't a polish in there I don't like! All of the formulas were perfect two coaters. The green is just SO shimmery it looked like it was going to apply like a frost, but no - perfection
Gotta Have Fate and Lily of the Valley are definitely my favorites from this collection. Which are yours? Do you have any?


  1. Haha Gotta Have Fate is my fave from these! But I'm obsessed with corals, so I guess that's why.

    1. I know right, me too! Coral was even one of my wedding colors, and I wore it on my nails!

  2. The name of Gotta Have Fate is making me lol... ah, George Michael.

  3. Your nails are so gorgeous! Sounds totally weird, but I'd kill to have your nail beds.

    1. Thank you so much! And it's not weird at all. I have often envied people with longer nail beds. Mine are actually quite uneven so that if you see my nails naked the white tips are all different lengths.

  4. Replies
    1. It really is! And my pics are not exaggerating at all.

  5. These are all really gorgeous! I can't decide which I love more! ^.^


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