Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. Caught In Candy

So I discovered this interesting polish brand on another beauty blog and just had to try it. The company is called Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. Awesome play on words, but there is a real meaning behind it. It stands for Be Your True Creative Heroine. How inspiring!

 I love the bottle shape, logo, everything! They were kind enough to send me these two polishes for review. You'll see the other swatch soon! My husband actually helped my pick both of these out :D.
This is Caught In Candy. I thought I hated frosts until I put this on. It is a very shimmery teal frost. The application was amazing for a frost and the brush strokes were barely noticeable, as you can see.

This one is much more unique than other teals I have seen. So many teals that look similar to this are really blue, but the green and extreme shimmer in this one makes it stand out. In different lights it looks even more green than blue! Very versatile coloring.
 Here is a close up of the finish.

You can buy this and many other 3 free Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. polishes on their website for $6.


  1. Frosts aren't my favorite either but this color is gorgeous! It looks nice with your skin tone too. (Hahah at the B.Y.T.C.H. brand-hilarious!)

  2. Thank you! I still have no eye for what goes with any skin tone or doesn't lol. I really do love it and it honestly changed my thoughts about frosts completely. And I too LOVE the brand name. It's witty, but it also has that deep meaning. LOVE!

  3. not the biggest fan. ive never heard of that company and will have to check it out!


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