Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainbow Honey Robot Collection

Here is the new Rainbow Honey Robot Collection!!

All of the polishes except Yoshimi have the same finish - metallic with silver flakies. 

I absolutely love the art they did for this collection! I wish it were on the bottles too! Here is a little info on the collection and colors too.

Femme Bot is a fuschia metallic.

The formula was good with two coats.

Dusty Bot is a pale silvery purple metallic.

The formula was good with two coats.

Lucky Bot is a bright fresh green metallic.

The finish on this one was really odd. It was drying a bit before I even finished a coat, almost like a matte polish. It was doable, just weird. This is two coats.

Skyward Bot is an ocean blue metallic.

The formula was good with two coats.

Bitty Love Bot is a light teal metallic.

This formula was a lot like Lucky Bot's - quick to dry and weird. This is two coats.

Yoshimi is a clear base filled with black and white squares of various sizes and small iridescent glitters.

This is one coat of Yoshimi over Bondi New York Chasing the Sun. The formula had no issues.

This is totally my favorite polish in the collection! It's a little Connect the Dots-esque, but a totally different take. The iridescent glitters really make it unique.
The metallic collection is a little done, but I do like how they paired a metallic collection with the robot theme. Very cute idea! The foily collection reminds me of the older Color Club Foiled collection of metallic polishes. The colors are mostly different though, so if you dig metallic/foil polishes, hit this one up!
These polishes are available on Rainbow Honey's website for $10 each or $50 for the set of 6. The mini set is $25. Don't worry if you're not in the US, she has lots of other retailers!

(These products were provided for my unbiased review.)


  1. pretty! I really like the looks of that green!

  2. Great swatches! They all look pretty :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments ladies! My favorites are Yoshimi and Bitty Love Bot!

  4. Rainbow Honey's packaging is ALMOST a cute as their polishes! They look great on you :)


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