Thursday, April 25, 2013

Franken Femme Stardust

Hey ladies and gents! Today I have a franken for you from Franken Femme. She has a polish blog where she posts recipes and swatches of frankens she's made. She's also considering selling, so if you like her stuff, let her know!

This is Stardust! I named it with the help of some friends since Franken Femme didn't have a name for it.

This is a super pale mint blue with iridescent glassfleck shimmer. 

Here's a good view against white so you can really see the color of it.

And it glows! It's the little glitters or something that really glows and not so much the base polish. I think that makes it even cooler, and that's why I named it Stardust :). 
Check out Franken Femme's blog for some cool frankening ideas, recipes, and resources! If you'd like to buy a franken from Franken Femme, see which ones she has for sale (this post), or ask her if she'll make you a custom one, you can email her at
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