Monday, February 14, 2011

Crackle Polishes

I don't own any crackle polishes yet, but boy do I want to. Loads of brands are coming out with crackles now. Shall we begin? China Glaze, for example, has 6 colors:

Head2ToeBeauty sells these for 3.49 each, 8ty8beauty sells them for 3.18 each, Transdesign sells them for 3.20 each, and I found them on Amazon for as cheap as 3.80 each. If you want to buy it in store, Sally Beauty and Ulta should both be carrying it soon, as I don't see it on their web pages.

Crazed Expressions has an awesome collection of 20 shades. They look pretty sweet. The only bad thing is I can't find them for sale...anywhere except Ebay. I sent them an email so we'll see if I get a helpful reply.

BYS also sells a crackle polish in 14 shades. They also come in little sets with a base color, the color of crackle, and a top coat too. You can buy this online at FashionAddict for 4.95 each. This is the only place I can find it.

This weird foreign brand that looks like BK has some cool colors that the other lines don't carry, like brown and some different reds. You can still order them from TrendInCosmetics for 6.00. I've heard that you can get them for less than 3.00, but I haven't found where yet.

Bornpretty, a store you should all be familiar with, sells 7 colors for 4.52 each. Free shipping! They also sell a lot of cute nail art stuff like rhinestones and brushes.

Barry M has a black crackle polish like OPI's, not to mention loads of other cute ones, but I can't find a single place in America that sells this. It's a European brand.

I'm really interested in how people will start taking the crackle polishes to new levels and doing some great nail art with it. The first picture is an example from Crazed Expressions. I founds some more that I will link to instead of posting them here since they belong to other bloggers. The Laquerista did OPI's Black Shatter over a holo here, and over neon sponged nails here.

So the crackle fad is spreading! Though many brands now make a crackle polish, it looks like the China Glaze one will be the easiest to get ahold of. I'd love to try all the colors from Crazed Expressions though.

Will any of you be purchasing a crackle polish, or have you?


  1. I have a Cover Girl Crackle Lacquer that I found last month at the Dollar Tree in a two pack with a regular polish. I wasn't thrilled with it but I'm sure you'll get a better result with a higher end brand. Good luck!

  2. I wonder if I am the only one who isn't into crackles... They just don't seem to be "me" somehow.

  3. @Kari
    I heard that a Covergirl crackle existed from back in the day. You can still find it now? I thought they were all wiped out. I love the Dollar Tree, so I'll have to go check it out. Even if it's not as good I can figure out if I like the effect in general. People suggest to do a really thin coat when working with crackle. Did you try that?

    Lol I'm still not super sure if I like them. I definitely think they're cool. Maybe that's what I like better than the way it actually looks...just the weird effect. I'd love to watch it go from smooth to crackle!!

  4. I think they look cool on others (mostly) but somehow I don't like them on me. Especially not the black shatter because often it gives the animal print kind of look, which really isn't my thing. I might try some other colour of crackle later though. I did see a nice swatch somewhere with a pinkish kind of crackle that I actually liked.

  5. I could take the black shatter off your hands Intootje :D. I would pay you for it, something less than full because it's used. I don't have any crackle polishes at all!

  6. I would send it to you but I actually don't have any as I figured out from the swatches already that I don't want a black shatter. So I didn't get any. Btw I see you are planning a giveaway, I hope it is open internationally as I am in Europe!

  7. Yeah, I was really surprised, especially because I bought it not knowing that it was anything other than regular white polish, lol. I bought it more for the pearly color it came with. ;) A few days later I started reading about this crackle polish trend and thought, "Wow, how lucky am I to have found this stuff?" I put on a regular coat, not particularly thin. I'll try it again with a thinner coat next time.

  8. @Intootje
    Ooh where in Europe? My family is English. I miss my homeland lol. I just checked prices and I think I can do it internationally. It should still be under $15 to ship. It does suck to spend so much money on just shipping, but it's really not much in the long run. And it's fun to give people things!!

    I looked at my Dollar Tree and no such luck! Sad day. I did get a couple things for the giveaway though :P.

  9. I live in the Netherlands, but I am actually originally from another European country :) I visited the Uk last year, my doggie has a litter of puppies there and I went to see them :)

  10. Awesome! Do you have any weird polish brands you can get there and not elsewhere?

  11. Hmm, I don't know if they are "weird" brands and I am not sure what you can get there. W.I.C Herome is at least a Dutch brand. Catrice is a common brand here, not sure if they sell that in the US. In my home country I can buy some brands I don't find here such as Isadora, Snowcrystal, Lumene.

  12. I know this isn't really good blog etiquette, but you mentioned that you were wanting crackle polishes...
    I don't know if you already got your hands on some, but I'm doing a giveaway on my nail blog. It includes a China Glaze Crackle glaze polish. If you're interested! :)

  13. I love giveaways, so of course I'll check it out. I'll add it to my giveaways page as well. I still don't own any crackles at all! They're 2 for $10 at Sally's this month (all CG). I really need to pick some up...


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