Friday, July 24, 2015

All Natural Face Serum and LipBalm - Giveaway!

So I've been using this all natural face serum for about a month now. It's called Smelly Face Serum by Crunchy Mamas. The lip balm is their Honey Lemon which smells and tastes super tangy and nice. It fells really moisturizing on the lips and I keep it in my diaper bag! What I like the most about these products is that they're 100% natural. No chemical crap, no fake preservatives, no artificial fragrances, just real stuff. I'm on a journey to ditch the chemical crap in my life and only eat real food and only use real products. It's not something you can do overnight, but this is a step in the right direction!
Ingredients in the face serumorganic unrefined coconut oil, beeswax, organic hemp seed oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic tamanu oil, vitamin e, organic carrot seed essential oil, organic geranium essential oil, organic myrtle essential oil

Ingredients in the lip balm: organic unrefined coconut oil, beeswax, raw honey, organic lemon essential oil
The serum is a really nice texture and feels like a light oil, not thick and heavy on my face. It takes about 5 drops to moisturize my whole face well. My mum even got to try it! When she put it on she said it smelled really funny. I'm like yea mom it's called Smelly Face Serum for a reason haha. It's the carrot seed essential oil that has that really earthy almost dirt-like smell. But it's ok mom it helps with wrinkles! "Oh gimme some of that then" she said lol!! 

Crunchy Mamas says their serum can help fight against wrinkles, age spots, uv damage, acne, dark circles, fine lines, blotchy skin, blemish scars, t zone problems, large pores, and dull skin.
I definitely noticed an improvement in my combination skin. It's like it evened out my skin type. I don't have that flaky dry skin on my nose and eyebrow area anymore. Seriously it would be dry even minutes after putting on my previous store bought stuff, and always has been honestly. I feel like it made my face look brighter and healthier overall. To be honest, even if it did nothing more than store bought stuff, I'd use it because it's completely natural!
I was afraid to use it except before bed because I thought it was going to make my face look oily or be too moisturizing like a typical night time moisturizer. I decided to try it and honestly I feel like it soaks in well in about 5 minutes. This is me about 5 minutes after using the serum. No makeup, bare it all haha! It feels great and doesn't look weird at all.

So I have a giveaway for you guys! You can win a Smelly Face Serum and a lip balm from Crunchy Mamas, and a custom sample of essential oils from me! The giveaway starts on Instagram, so you'll have to do the steps there to enter first. You can get extra entries on my Facebook. I'll post the giveaway form for extra entries here too!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MAC Viva Glam V

 I love me some Mac lipstick! I got my mum hooked so she had to get some too! She chose Viva Glam 5. It's a gorgeous mauve shimmer.

It's kind of fun to see how different lipstick looks on different people. Ok, well it doesn't look all that different. But it actually did on our lips! It comes across much darker on me. My mom wears it lightly so it's nice and versatile.

And here's MAC Viva Glam V. I really like it on me and I don't even like shimmers. The shimmer is a subtle gold. Love the quality, nice creaminess, and everything I expect in a MAC lipstick.

Nekkid lips for comparison.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cult Nails Sale

So Cult Nails is closing its doors and having a huge closeout sale. Their polishes go for $12 a bottle, but they're 75% off right now. The discount is applied in your cart once you go to checkout. Don't worry, you can see it before you commit. I put two polishes in my cart to play with, and with shipping and all it was $11.99. Shipped! So hop on it if you wanted some Cult Nails before they fade away!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Thieves Cleaner VS Ants

Thieves Cleaner 1 : Ants 0
I saw a trail of ants in the bathroom. I guess it's because it's getting so much warmer lately. My bathroom is pristinely clean because we're selling the house. I sprayed the ants with Thieves Cleaner that my husband made diluted 20:1. I wiped up the icky things and checked a couple times a day. It's been two or three days now and no sign of ants at all!

I honestly don't kill things, but ants are infesty and that's just not okay. I even leave spiders alone or take them outside. I used to use Windex to kill them on the spot, but they came back within minutes and I don't use chemical cleaners anymore. And honestly what little we have left makes me cough terribly. I can't stand to be on that side of the house, let alone in the same room. It even makes my one year old cough. Thieves cleaner kills 99.96% of germs and has no creepy side effects! I love it, and even my skeptic husband uses it!

Let me know what things you've used Thieves Cleaner for other than simple cleaning!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Comparison: Zoya Dark Greys

Some of these polishes look a little similar, so I did a comparison for you. From top to bottom in each pictures it's Zoya Evvie, Noot, Kelly, Evvie. 
 This 1-2 coats of each and all the formulas are great.

 Noot is much darker than the others, and I never realized how much blue/purple really Kelly really had until I compared her to much more normal grey like Noot. Evvie is lighter than Noot and is supposed to have a slight hint of green, but that is very hard to see for me. Maybe it's just my skin tone, because I have seen loads of green swatches.

They definitely aren't dupes, that's for sure. Which do you have or want? Which do you like best?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DIY Natural Eye Makeup Remover

So I heard someone say they use coconut oil as makeup remover and it sounded like a good idea! Coconut oil is a 4 on the comedogenic rating list, so it didn't seem like a good idea to use it on my whole face. But around my eyes, the extra moisture sounded like a great idea. 

I made a little comparison video for you guys and came up with a very simple two ingredient recipe. You can choose any essential oils you like for the second ingredient. I chose frankincense because it can help with wrinkles and no eye cream I've ever used has actually helped with that. We'll see how it does with my wrinkles, but it's seriously great at removing makeup. I just made some for my Mother-in-law and I added a little lavender because it's great for skin.

Have you tried making an all natural makeup remover? How did it go? Which essential oils would you add?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Search Facebook From Your Phone

My team has this really awesome educational Facebook group about essential oils called Drop Talk. It's a place where you can ask things like "which oil is good for coughs" and "I have lavender but what else can I do with it." I love reading what worked or didn't work for other people too. It's a great resource. 

So this applies to Drop Talk and really any Facebook group at all. This is a video tutorial I made that shows you how to use the search feature to search the group when you're using an Android smart phone. The Facebook app doesn't have that feature. 

Let me know if this helped you or if you have any other tutorial ideas you'd like to see!